Motorcycles and adventures

Back. Back from 30 days on the road. Like Jack before me I have traveled on the roads of America looking for more, sometimes less. Seeing it all from the back seat of the GTL.
There were the usual suspects at the usual locations. They were a welcome sight. I am always overcome with Joy, yes with a capital J, and a sense of overwhelming relief when I see “my people” the people I don’t have to explain myself to. These are the people who when on their bike look like they live on the fringe but they are not the fringe, they are the center. The center of a very small universe.
The sun is the ride and we on the bike circle around looking to touch down somewhere. When we ride we are like a small satellite in low orbit across the states.
The beauty of riding as a Pillion is I get to see it all. I see every sunrise and sunset. I see the small towns and people in their cars and the truckers. I have these moments these brief interactions with people who we pass or who pass us. A glance often a smile and a look of whimsy, they wish they we were us, riding free and seeing it all. It is the dream of so many to see the world or the country. I get to do that, have done that and will do it again and again.
I am thankful for the opportunity to ride and see and meet and know so many wonderful people.





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