Dogs have always been a part of my life. One of my earliest memories is of Polly my Great Pyrenees. My parents got her when she and I were both eight weeks old or so the story goes. We grew up together shared brussels sprouts and brownie batter.

Over the years I have had a few canine companions each special to me, none more than Maggie who was my steady loyal companion for over sixteen years. As my sister said she was a life force. She took center stage in all my thoughts, she was there when I needed her most. She was tolerant of all the moves and deployments as long as she had a warm blanket and could share my pillow.
Maggie passed early in December.

Why write this now? I think I felt it was time though it is still hard to write. I needed to get it down as a way to move forward.

Jon and I decided that we would add a dog to our family. Sam needed a buddy and the house was quiet with just the three of us. We started looking for a female JRT. It was hard so many dogs need homes and we were determined to find the right one.

Well, find we did. Not just one. Two. Two very sweet and smart girls. Hazel and Maizie, sisters. They hail from Ireland and were raised in southern CA. They had a great life in LA before us and seem to be enjoying the farm life. They arrived last night and are settling into the routine nicely.

We are overjoyed to welcome them to BG Farm and look forward to many hours of Russell antics.

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