We have a mixed flock of eight birds. They are just about ten months old and completely ridiculous. I had no idea when they joined the farm that I would fall so hard for them. They are just chickens after all.
But golly I love these birds, they each have a personality they are a group yet individuals. They make life fuller.
They are named after the female characters in the musical Grease plus at little artistic license on my part.
I will in the future write a short bit about each girl but for now we have a list of the ladies.
Sandy a buff Orphington and head hen, of course
Rizzo a black Australorp
Cha cha a Speckeled sussex
Frenchy a barred rock
Jan and Marty the golden Wyndottes
Pricilla and Doris the silver Wyandottes

Together they are a beautiful flock, colorful and pretty to look at, most of them are also good layers though some need coaching.

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