The journey continues 

We have been working on or enjoying our “year of awesome” that is what I decided to call it as a way to explain when necessary to others how I think the year will go, or where I want it to go. We have done extensive testing of our genetics and nutritional needs. These tests led to some interesting insights about why certain foods make us feel yucky or good. We have begun daily breathing and mediation this has had a profound positive effect on us and how we sleep and wake. I have jumped into my crafting as a business with both feet, careful not to take too much from my home time but exploring the options and creating a few fun projects along the way. 

October has always been a time where we are super energized, it must be our acient blood driving us to gather or work before the winter sets in. Projects and planning gets done. The fall is our time and this year is no exception. 

More as we continue. Craftiness can be found at Bgfarmandcraft 


How does your future stack up? 

When we ride or drive or bike our minds have the chance to let go of work and wander to the other places. The places that we keep suppressed by the day to day. I think that in these places or place is where I want to go next. It only takes me about 96 hours away from my desk to let the thoughts go and I am as free as Gaudi with mythical beasts or as surreal as Dali, though not quite melting clocks. I have a thousand ideas and I want to see them all come to life. 

I am or we are embarking on a year long journey to find our way through and to these places to see where we will be in a few years. This journey is inspired and led or guided by a trusted agent, no there are no illegal activities, we are still doing our 9-5 or 730-1830 gig. But we are open to the possibities that are out there for us. We have been employed by the same origination for a very long time and it may be time for a change, well one way or another in a few years it will be. 

I hope to be able to journal the adventure along with the other thing that happen along the way. Like Barcelona, it is happening today. It is almost too much. More on FB of course. 

What do you blog about when you don’t have chickens? 

Last summer after a whirlwind of Mototcycle activity we packed up and moved to Germany. The dogs came with us the chickens went to a new home and the horse is living with family. We have done some traveling but now we are getting serious about it. 

I don’t think that the world really needs another travel blog there are lots and they are better than I would be but, I need to keep my page going until I have chickens again so maybe I will add a couple posts here and there. 

Today finds us in Antibes on the French Rivera. We are expecting rain but warm weather. The people watching could be a full time profession. Between the nut jobs on the scooters and the trying so hard not to look like they care but you know they care mixed in with locals it is a bright fashionable feast for the eyes. 

The sunrise over the med is perfect. 


Fox hunting? sure I can do that.

Next weekend after I have calmed myself and found an appropriate outfit I am going to take my horse and go fox hunting. We are going to start small by attending a clinic where we will hopefully learn how to be safe.
My trusty stead Diego is not afraid of dogs but he has never encountered a pack of baying hounds so this may be a problem we shall see.
He also has never gone out with a large herd of horses galloping across the fields and though the woods, we can overcome this too.
I don’t know anyone who is going to the event, not a problem I am friendly.
The pluses, we are willing, we had a great cross country schooling session this weekend, so we know we can still jump stuff. We look good.
The idea behind this new sport is that we, and by that I mean, I want something to do this fall and winter to keep us fit. I think that it could be fun and they don’t kill the fox, it is fox chasing. I know that seems mean. I like the fuzzy creatures, I would be devastated if the hounds got one. It is safe to say that would be the end of my fox hunting adventures.
So stay tuned and hopefully I will have some good news about a new sport.