The journey continues 

We have been working on or enjoying our “year of awesome” that is what I decided to call it as a way to explain when necessary to others how I think the year will go, or where I want it to go. We have done extensive testing of our genetics and nutritional needs. These tests led to some interesting insights about why certain foods make us feel yucky or good. We have begun daily breathing and mediation this has had a profound positive effect on us and how we sleep and wake. I have jumped into my crafting as a business with both feet, careful not to take too much from my home time but exploring the options and creating a few fun projects along the way. 

October has always been a time where we are super energized, it must be our acient blood driving us to gather or work before the winter sets in. Projects and planning gets done. The fall is our time and this year is no exception. 

More as we continue. Craftiness can be found at Bgfarmandcraft 


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