What do you blog about when you don’t have chickens? 

Last summer after a whirlwind of Mototcycle activity we packed up and moved to Germany. The dogs came with us the chickens went to a new home and the horse is living with family. We have done some traveling but now we are getting serious about it. 

I don’t think that the world really needs another travel blog there are lots and they are better than I would be but, I need to keep my page going until I have chickens again so maybe I will add a couple posts here and there. 

Today finds us in Antibes on the French Rivera. We are expecting rain but warm weather. The people watching could be a full time profession. Between the nut jobs on the scooters and the trying so hard not to look like they care but you know they care mixed in with locals it is a bright fashionable feast for the eyes. 

The sunrise over the med is perfect.