Fox hunting? sure I can do that.

Next weekend after I have calmed myself and found an appropriate outfit I am going to take my horse and go fox hunting. We are going to start small by attending a clinic where we will hopefully learn how to be safe.
My trusty stead Diego is not afraid of dogs but he has never encountered a pack of baying hounds so this may be a problem we shall see.
He also has never gone out with a large herd of horses galloping across the fields and though the woods, we can overcome this too.
I don’t know anyone who is going to the event, not a problem I am friendly.
The pluses, we are willing, we had a great cross country schooling session this weekend, so we know we can still jump stuff. We look good.
The idea behind this new sport is that we, and by that I mean, I want something to do this fall and winter to keep us fit. I think that it could be fun and they don’t kill the fox, it is fox chasing. I know that seems mean. I like the fuzzy creatures, I would be devastated if the hounds got one. It is safe to say that would be the end of my fox hunting adventures.
So stay tuned and hopefully I will have some good news about a new sport.

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